The story of a passion for Morocco and Moroccan decoration

It all started in 2002, when I met Hisham, this Moroccan man with a charming and sincere smile. We lived in the same student residence in Sophia Antipolis. This neighbor became my lover, and then my husband 10 years later.

Since our first meeting, I had the chance to travel regularly to Morocco. We went to the souks of Casablanca, I loved strolling in the alleys, and discover these Ali Baba’s caves. I always wanted to bring handcrafted Moroccan decoration back with me but the logistic made it uneasy. Little by little, an idea started to take seed: being able to decorate my home with treasures coming from Morocco.

This desire became a concrete idea, especially after the birth of our 2 children, as the priorities evolved. Starting a business, making this beautiful country known and giving him back what he has given me for the last 18 years, here is the objective of, an online shop of handmade Moroccan decoration.

Mouyma pays tribute to my husband’s grandmother. This little nickname that is given to her means “little mommy”. A mom takes care of her family, gives a soul to a house by decorating it carefully. Family, the love for others, for Morocco: here are the values that Mouyma wishes to communicate.

You will find hand woven rugs, wooden stools for adults and children, some baskets to tidy your room or take a stroll. Our unique creations are handmade by our Moroccan craftsmen. They are perfect to create a bohemian and chic atmosphere.

Mouyma makes your home travel!

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