How to gently clean and maintain a suede bag?

A suede bag is a must have in a dressing. Very chic, you can wear it in a casual style, but it also will be the perfect accessory for your chic outfits. In order to preserve its color and avoid the stains, firstly, we recommend you to waterproof your bag. A regular and quick cleaning sometime will enable you to remove the little dirty marks. Mouyma gives you some advice so that your bag remains as good as new:

Apply some Terre de Sommières

The Terre de Sommières is a little stone reduced to powder, called the Montmorillonite. It is a 100% natural and ecologic clay, harmless for mankind and the environment. Another natural product that I am particularly fond of and which is very efficient. It will act especially on grease stains and the resistant ones.

Sprinkle your bag and let it rest for an entire night. On waking, gently brush your bag and that’s it!

Rub the stain with a special suede gum

For the lighter stains, the eraser is extremely simple to use. Gently rub the stain, and do circular movements to avoid damaging the leather.

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