Ethical chart

1. Solidarity

Since 2020, we commit to donate 1% of our turnover to Radia, an association based in Marrakech

In order to promote this value that is important to us, we launched the label 1% for the Orphans. We would like to create a network of companies, associations and other structures, committing to financially help this association.

Africa is the continent with the largest proportion of orphans in the world and their number doesn’t stop increasing years after years. We believe in the rights of these children to have a family, an education and a childhood safe from abuse and exploitation.

This is why we have chosen the Radia association for the Adoption of Infants, which accommodates, feeds and provide all necessary medical care for the children until foster parents can be found.

2. Commitment

Mouyma commits to deliver quality products to its customers (made by Moroccan artisans with robust materials, that stand the test of time and traditional) but also quality services (orders are shipped in a 48-hour to 4 days period to the latest, and you can return your article in a period of 30 days after your purchase)

3. Respect

Mouyma commits to respect as the customers, by delivering handmade, quality and unique products, as its craftsmen, who work at their own pace, without obligation and independently.

4. Sincerity

Mouyma commits to be transparent with its customer base and to give a maximum of information on the origin of the products, their prices and their quality. Building a trust-based relationship with the Mouyma community is very important for us.

5. Passion

Born from a passion for Morocco, which is committed to transmit to its customers, Mouyma wants to make this country and its culture known through the work of its craftsmen and its testimonies.

Tips, travel ideas, traditions and history of the country available on the site so that you too fall in love with this beautiful country. 

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