1% for the orphans

1. Who are we?

Founder of Mouyma, an online store of handmade Moroccan decoration, in 2020, I decided to donate 1% of my turnover to Radia, an association based in Marrakech. In order to expand even more the scope of this initiative, I launched the label 1% for the orphans, a network of companies, associations and other structures which commits to help this same association financially.
Why a Moroccan association? Why a Moroccan association? Because married to a Moroccan, I have been immersed for several years in the culture of this country, which is close to my heart. Africa is the continent with the largest proportion of orphans in the world and their number doesn’t cease to increase years after years. We believe in the rights of these children to have a family, an education and a childhood shielded from mistreatment and exploitation.
Legally defined by the UN as a child under 18 that lost either their father, their mother or both biological parents, there is a distinction between the “social” orphans, taken care of in orphanages and other similar structures, and the “forced” orphans, who without having necessarily lost their parents, have been separated from them and left to their own devices, like child soldiers. [Source: Appaix & Dekens]
We believe in an ethical business combining solidarity and commerce that allows us to provide these children with the reference points, the protective and educational figures necessary for their proper development.

2. The Radia Association

radia association morocco orphans The Radia Association for the Adoption of Infants accommodates, feeds, and provide all the medical cares necessary to the children meanwhile finding them a host family. 

Counting the whole elementary needs (excluding clothes and medication), each baby needs 200 euros per month, for a total of 5.600 euros per month for the association. Some of these needs are met by material or financial donations. If you want to contribute to this project, you also can donate online or work as a volunteer

3. Objectives for 2020 and the upcoming years

Still at the developing stage, in the short-run, the objective of the label is quite simple: to get known, whether it be through social networks like Instagram or Facebook, the Mouyma website, newsletters and so on.
In the long-run, the label will attract more and more companies and associations, it will expand its scope enough to promote the orphans’ interests in the African continent, in the world and will be able to radiate outside of the Moroccan borders.
This responsible commitment will be nothing more than beneficial for your company: it could be a part of a communication strategy, enable you to stand out from the competition, influence the act of purchasing, the sponsoring…
If we are the initiators of this collective project, it will be nothing without you, without companies to support it financially. Prove that business and solidarity are compatible and join us!

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